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What is the NAB AFL Auskick Free-kick initiative?

The NAB AFL Auskick Free-kick initiative provides Auskick parents with the chance to support their local centre when they take out a loan.

Established between the AFL and Nexus Partners, the initiative is a national referral program, with a focus on supporting local centres. For every home, personal or business loan taken out by parents referred through their NAB AFL Auskick centre, the centre will receive a financial contribution via Nexus Partners.

This is a great fundraising tool assisting the centres in many ways, including the purchase of new equipment and facility upgrades.

If you’re an Auskick parent in the market for a loan, read the steps below and simply complete the online loan enquiry form.


The step by step process:

  • Complete the online loan enquiry form.
  • Nexus Partners, a third party referral agent, collect the form and where appropriate, pass those details and loan requirements onto a banker.
  • A banker will contact you within five business days to discuss your requirements.
  • If the loan is suitable and approved, Nexus Partners will receive a commission from NAB and pay the NAB AFL Auskick centre a financial contribution, which is a percentage of your loan’s value.

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