Noble Park Football Club Juniors

Ross Reserve, Memorial Drive, Noble Park Vic 3174

0413 105 611

What can I expect at an Auskick session?

An example of what you can expect at a typical Auskick session includes:

– Introduction

– Warm up games/activities

– Skills i.e. Kicking, marking, handballing, bouncing

– Grid/modified game

– Encouragement awards and departure

What age can Kids play?

The NAB AFL Auskick program is for primary school aged children 5 to 12.

(Children must turn 5 in the calendar year to participate)

What is the cost?

The cost of the Noble Park program is $85 per participant.

Registration in our program offers more than the 1 session of Auskick per week. As a parent you have the flexibility to choose a clinic that suits your schedule. And where a parent feels it is needed a child can do multiple sessions.

When does Auskick start?

How long does the 2015 Auskick season go for?

Our season will run from April till  the end of August

In September we will be holding our presentation day

What should kids wear to Auskick?

There is really no set uniform for Auskick sessions, just general sports clothing and either runners for football boots will be fine. Many kids also like to wear their favourite team’s colours and jumpers. The Noble park Junior club has a range of merchandise that can be purchased to wear to Auskick many children like this as it makes them feel like part of the bigger club. This can be purchased at the Clubrooms at Ross Reserve on a Friday night.

Who delivers the Auskick sessions?

Each centre has an Auskick coordinator who runs the administration side of each centre. Each group will have a main coach and helper coaches.

What is required of family members?

Assistance!  In Auskick nothing is achieved without the help of parents, family, and friends, you can always ask our Auskick Co-ordinator where help is required. NAB AFL Auskick encourages the participation of parents, of all abilities and fitness levels!   Many parents see Auskick as a time to spend quality time with their children, and research indicates that children are more likely to persist with, and enjoy activities when their parents are involved. Parents are invited to join in skills sessions and activities with their kids, and may even learn a thing or two! The club also offers for those parents who are interested the opportunity to complete a level 0 or 1 coaching course.

Can I pay Cash at the first session?

All payments for Auskick are made online. You can visit and pay via credit/debit card. Packs will only be sent out once online payment and registration is complete. If you are experiencing trouble with this for any reason please contact the coordinator.

Auskick sponsorship:

If you are interested in helping out our wonderful Auskick centres please call Trish on 0438921516

What happens if it rains, hails or is very windy or  very hot?

Noble Park Auskick is always on rain, hail or shine. However if the coaches believe that the ground conditions are not suitable play may be cancelled. This decision will be made one hour before the Auskick session is to start at the ground.

Does my child need a mouthguard?

At Auskick level the benefits that a mouth guard provides are negligible as the games are slower, tackling is not allowed and players cannot kick off the ground. However as a club we do encourage the use of a mouthguard and believe the earlier a child starts to wear one the sooner they become accustomed to it.

Can my child play in the junior club & still do Auskick?

Yes defiantly! Auskick is the ideal way to keep improving football skills, many children continue Auskick training while also training with their club team.

You can continue to participate in Auskick up to the age of 12

My child does not have the same ability as the other children?

That is ok children will developed different skills at different times irrespective of their age. Auskick gives children of all ability levels an opportunity to learn in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, whilst early participation in physical activity develops important motor skills and social abilities that can become the foundation for a lifetime of participation in sport and recreation.



Noble Park Football Club Juniors is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.