Noble Park Football Club Juniors

Ross Reserve, Memorial Drive, Noble Park Vic 3174

0413 105 611


The NAB AFL Auskick program makes learning to play AFL fun, safe and easy for boys and girls. Through weekly coaching sessions they will learn the skills of the game in an exciting, social and safe environment. The AFL Auskick program has centres that operate all over the country.

Children will learn the fundamental motor skills vital for future physical activity and sport participation as well as learning how to interact with other children as part of a team in small group activities.

The program also provides a great opportunity for parents to interact  with their kids through the activities, have the opportunity to make new friends, learn about the game and spend quality time with their children.

To find out more about the program please visit our  FAQs tab or contact Ali our club AFL Auskick coordinator.


Ross Reserve Friday 4:30pm – 6pm

Ross Reserve Sunday 9am-10am

If your child is interested in joining Auskick, please contact Trish Marson on 0438 921 516

Parent Participation

As we are growing in numbers I would really appreciate it if any of the parents would like to volunteer to help run some of the drills that we do.  This will free me up to spend more quality time with the children on a 1-1 basis to help them master the skills.  If you are apprehensive about helping as you are unsure what to do or are not overly familiar with the game then please let me know as I can arrange some training from the AFL for groups of parents which is free of charge and great fun!

If you can help with the drills and / or interested in the training then please also let me know by email / text message (0413 105611) by Saturday 25th April.

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Noble Park Football Club Juniors is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.